Monday, October 24, 2011

Vitamin K And Its Benefits


When it comes to vitamins, we are usually familiar with Vitamin C and Vitamin E as these are some of the more common vitamins in the market. There is one vitamin that is important as well although it is not as well known as the some of the other more popular ones. This important vitamin is Vitamin K.

One of the many Vitamin K benefits goes much to the actual enhancement of the person's skin. This vitamin is great for having good blood circulation as well as coagulation. This particular variety of nutrient is also a great agent to help improve the luster and radiance of the skin, restores the actual natural color of the skin whenever the skin develops unwanted discoloration due to the harmful rays of the sun, this can also aid in some vascular complications of the skin; aids in blood clotting to further improve scar healings, and aids skin imperfections. And since it contributes greatly on having a good blood circulation, it can also prevent people from having spider veins that are normally seen in the face area as well as other parts of the body.

To fully understand the foods that are classified as high in Vitamin K, I highly recommend you to check the following:

Green and leafy vegetables, fat-free yogurt that is certainly an excellent source of live microorganisms, lettuce, soy beans (dried type), spinach, lentils, vegetable natural oils, endive, chicken, egg yolk, broccoli, butter, Brussels sprouts, chlorophyll, cabbage.

Aside from that, this particular nutrient is also best for treating any kind of the skin's well known problems. By the way, you can certainly get high-quality source of this specific type of nourishment from lotions and creams which can be bought at any drug store around you. At any rate, the creams are mostly recommended to use when you have bruises caused by a previous surgical treatment too. Lotions and creams rich in Vitamin K are the ones recommended to use in case you want to eliminate a bruise, or if you also want to aid an unattractive scar. Vitamin K creams are also best for people who have experienced burn problems.

There are varieties associated with Vitamin K benefits that we can site in this article but everything seems to boil down on helping your skin on having a healthy skin and body.

Pregnant women are highly recommended to take a lot of this nutrient because they are expecting a kind of procedure which involves a lot of blood loss which is likely to happen during the actual procedure of giving birth.

It is no doubt safe to take Vitamin K supplements as long as you know the proper dosage. However, you may also want to know the risks and side effects that may happen if the vitamin is taken intravenously.

Side effects of Vitamin K when taken directly into the vein:

   1. Flushes
   2. Numbing of the body
   3. Chest pain
   4. Difficulty in breathing
   5. Itchy feeling
   6. Rashes
   7. Death

Given that, it might be best to consult your doctor prior to taking the said vitamins first in order to be safe and sure. Please take in great consideration the risks and factors associated with the intake of the Vitamin K. Our aim is to stay healthy and live a better life, and not the other way around.


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