Thursday, October 13, 2011

From Home Acne Treatment


Acne is a widespread skin complication that has always been on raise. People with acne are prone to depression, social pressure and inferiority complex. However if you understand the cause behind your acne, it is easy to cure it. You would have come across a lot of acne treatments, but a good acne treatment is nothing but a clever combination of internal and external healing. Both these courses will work together to give you everlasting results.

Oatmeal Cleanser

A mixture of oatmeal and rose water is a good acne treatment. This can also solve the problem of scar, open pores and blemishes. Leave the paste on face for ten minutes or so. This will leave your skin totally oil free for a longtime.

Water Consumption

Consume water on a regular basis. Water is the elixir of life. Regular consumption of water will keep your stomach clean. This will regulate your digestion and in return will make your skin problem free to a great extent.

Stress Free Life

A stress free life guarantees good skin and good health. Wrinkles begin to appear late and blemishes will start to alleviate easily. A stress free life is a good acne treatment.

Moisturizer, Toner and Regular Wash

Keep your face oil free with all these. Regular washing will reduce your oiliness and keep your skin free from bacteria. In fact boils and pimples that are severe will start alleviating to a significant extent. Splashing water on face is one of the universal remedies for acne.

Head bath

Take regular baths. Take a bath twice a day. This will give you drastic improvement in a span of a week or so. The point is that it will cool your body down tremendously. People with boils can try this.

Cardio Exercise

Do a lot of cardio exercises. Sweat a lot. Sweating will remove bacteria from your skin and therefore will alleviate your pimples and other boils. This is another universal remedy for acne.

Food Items

Be choosy about your food items. There is no way one can totally avoid oily food or high calorific food. But it is better to keep them low. Once when you have consumed oily items or high calorific items, drink a lot of water to balance it. Also it is shown that dairy products are not good for sensitive or oily skin. Water could be a remedy for all these problems.

Sleeping Pattern

People who don't sleep well are prone to more risks of developing boils. Sleeping mattresses, pillows and sleeping position might aggravate your pimples. Placing your face on pillow during sleep will encourage the clogging of bacteria. This is not good for sensitive skins.


Aloe vera is a herb known for its antibiotic effects. People with pimples can use this. If you develop pimples only due to bacteria, aloe vera is one of the best suggestions. This is one of the most effective remedies for acne

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