Thursday, October 13, 2011

Acupuncture For Weight Loss


It is possible that you are already aware of the possibility of acupuncture for weight loss, and are doubtful about that through the application of needles to the body that strong results can be achieved.

Or perhaps you are doubtful about this because you don't understand all of the factors involved with this process.

Acupuncture for weight loss is based on Chinese acupuncture procedures which have been practiced for thousands of years. Although this has existed for nearly as long as acupuncture itself, it has only become well known to the public since 2003.

Impressive statistics have begun to appear in the media. This new information has triggered great interest, since loosing excess fat is an issue of prime importance for many people.

Reports from the Chinese media have indicated that this procedure has helped many people to lose large amounts of weight - usually as much as 22 to 33 pounds. In some special circumstances, individuals have been able to shed enormous quantities of fat, occasionally as much as 240 pounds or more.

Success rates have been impressive as well. According to Chinese practitioners, four out of five people who tried acupuncture for weight loss were able to shed weight.

Because of this, centers specialized in this have begun to appear in the West. If one were to visit one of them even once, they would discover that the procedure is not, contrary to popular belief, completely based on the application of needles to the body.

Instead, the central purpose of the treatment is to cause the patient's digestive system to become enlivened. Although this is indeed is founded upon the practice of acupuncture, it also involves the intake of various herbs.

Herbal regimens are used to help raise patients' metabolisms, re-balance their digestive systems and lessen their appetites. These regimens are key to making acupuncture weight loss programs a success.

Another factor to understand is that high quality centers that utilize herbs to trigger loss of weight use herbs that are of high grade, pharmaceutical quality.

Other methods utilized in the specialized centers centers include mild exercise, proper breathing technique lessons, Shiatsu massage and instruction on how to balance the body and increase flexibility, as these practices are central to creating a complete acupuncture weight loss program.

Another thing to consider is that such programs will not result in an instantaneous loss of weight. Instead, acupuncture weight loss programs involve a slow but sure method which emphasizes balancing the mind and body together, in order to improve general health.

While some acupuncture for weight loss techniques can be somewhat vigorous, others, such as Aroma wraps or Shiatsu massage, are more than mild - in fact, they can be extremely pleasant, resembling spa treatments more than anything else.

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