Monday, October 24, 2011

Hair Care Products for Men


Even though men do not put as much stock into their hair as women, healthy hair can go a long way for a man's appearance. Hair is made out of proteins, a hair is much like the fibers in your fingernails but put together much differently. Even though your hair follicle is not technically alive it grows, sleeps and eventually dies after about a 6 year life span.

If your hair becomes damaged it can take quite a while to get it back to its original healthy status. Below are some things you should look for in hair care products for men.

Everything you do in your daily life including your job and diet directly effects your hair. So do what you can to reduce damage by being gently on your scalp. A wet hair breaks more easily than a dry one so when your hair is wet be extra carefully to be gentle with it.

Stay away from blow dryers or any other heating tools, most men do not use them but if you do be careful the high temperatures can fry your hair. If you insist on using a blow dryer be smart and use it at its coolest setting i will take longer to dry your hair, but it will do minimal damage.

If you feel you need to use high heat use a thermal protector to seal and protect the hair from the heat. If you have dry hair take a cooler shower this will help you avoid washing away to much sebum (scalp oil). If you have very oily hair take the hottest shower you can stand this will help break up any oily build up and cleanse your scalp more thoroughly.

Say no to chemicals. Using chemical treatments can literally strip your hair and cause it too be brittle and break. If you do choose to use a chemical treatment then make sure you follow it with a deep conditioner to put some of the moisture back into your hair that was leeched out.

Natural is the way to go so look for naturally based shampoo that will help make and keep hair healthy. You should see a difference after the first week of washings. Believe it or not every thing you do including healthy, diet and lifestyle choices reflect on your hair.

If you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables drink a lot of water and exercise daily your hair will be more healthy. Stress greatly effects your hairs healthy so try to sleep at least 7 hours a night and try to relax stress is terrible for your hair. There is an old saying that if you wear a hat every day your hair will fall out, this is not true at all.

One part of keeping your hair healthy hair regular trimmings. We do not mean a full blown hair cut just get your hair cleaned up. This will remove dead ends and help keep your hair stronger. If you suffer from dry hair try a using conditioner, many men do not use any at all.

Look for hair care products that will compliment you and your hair type. Make sure to stick to naturally based products for the best results. Men want products that work, so it may take a little of trial and error to get ones that work well for you and your specific hair type.


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